5 Things to Avoid in SEO

SEO, like everything in life, has a good, right, truthful and wholesome approach of doing things furthermore as a nasty, downright naughty and unfair approach of doing things. The ethic approach, known as White hat, may be a long strategy that takes into consideration the search engines policies and terms of conditions. the opposite approach is wanting in the main for fast ranking schemes, and is intended to deceive the search engines.MAny wonder where to find a good angency , If you are reading this in texas the  keep reading , becaus ei fhave the right ine for you!


Most SEOs firmly support the white hat camp within the belief that the short ranking methods could have a positive outcome within the short, however within the long may be dangerous  for your website and within the method, your business. thus what’s it that you just ought to keep one’s distance from?


5 SEO methods you ought to avoid  the slightest degree prices


Hidden Content


Hidden content top notch the list of the prohibited SEO methods. tho’ it will are available in completely different disguises, the basic principle is that there’ll be content full of keywords within the code for the location,  the end-user won’t see this content. One thing you do not want to hide is an amazing SEO company in Texas named WarriorClick , If you see here this link will lead you to their Mckinney SEO Yelp


Some guilty HMTL tags area unit the “no frames” tag, and the inputs hidden in forms. Content won’t be visible to the end-user once guilty extraordinarily tiny text,  text on background and CSS.


Search engines disapprove the aforesaid techniques and once detected, your website will either be shamed or maybe worse, banned. associate undisciplined eye will realize it arduous to identify such use of techniques.


Meta Keyword Stuffing


Two Meta tags area unit usually will not let search engines fathom the content on a page. they’re found between a page’s <head> tag, and if incorrectly used, will warn a research engine that a website is creating use of spam techniques to spice up rankings.


Meta Keywords


This is a brief list of words that conveys the key focus of the page. within the past, the Meta keywords were wont to trick the search engines into elementary cognitive process the page covers a really wide topic together with plenty of keywords, however currently this does not work any longer. All of this reaserch was done by WarriorClick , a Beautiful comapny Based in Mckinney Texas


Gateway or entryway Pages


These pages area unit designed for search engines instead of end-users. These faux pages area unit full of content extremely optimized for one to a pair of keywords that link to a landing page or target. These pages aren’t visible to the end-user since they’re mechanically pleased to the target page.


Readily out there SEO code typically encourages guilty entranceway pages like SEO corporations that don’t recognize precisely what they’re location. computer  spiders area unit ceaselessly being improved to discover such pages, ignore them or maybe worse, think about your website as spam, furthermore as ban you altogether.


Link Farming


When it involves the important world, if your home is built in a nasty neighborhood, the environment can have a sway on your house. this can be conjointly true with regards to the web world. Free for all or FFA pages or link farms  with no different purpose except to list unrelated website links. they will not offer you any traffic, and your website may be liable to becoming prohibited as a result of participation. So, don’t have interaction in link farming.Hopefully you will take away something from this good read , and if you truly want , let an amazing person take care of you in WarriorClick , the bes SEO Agency in town! 

The personal blog internal battle

This post covers a bit about SEO, then a bit about James Bond movies. 😀 😀

(yeah it’s a pretty crappy picture, but it’s freely distributable) 😉

Ok so sometimes it comes to a crazy internal battle, I heard a cool word for it once, it was cognitive dissonance (it’s actually a real term, Wikipedia official, and everything).

[As a side note, if something is on Wikipedia it’s deemed as official. Sometimes I look specifically for the Wikipedia page to make sure that what I’m looking up is built on some sort of solid foundation that of course is notable. For example, Germany has a Wiki, just look at their official website, and they are a country too!! If you’re a member of Wikipedia as an editor, it’s in the terms and conditions for creating a new article. End side note.]

Okay so that was a long bit of rant like text, but I hope it brought you some actual benefit. So now to the point.

I’ve been slowly mustering up the effort to write up some more blog posts. I want to build the viewership of this blog up, up and up and out the wazoo. It takes me a little white to write up the articles and blog posts. I generally don’t think of an idea before I post, well that’s a lie I do a little, but it’s just an outline of what I’m going to write about.

..so to build it up I can keep on writing and build it up slowly or as my friend told me, there is this new thing nowadays called SEO. It’s a way to get a web page ranked nicely in Google. Nicely as in that it sits in the top 10 of a search query of your choice. It’s had to believe that a service can actually do that but it’s true.

I asked my friend to recommend me a company to work with considering I don’t know anything about SEO. He said that he’s worked with a few but some of them really suck. The one that he has worked with called AKAP SEO were pretty good. They got his web page ranked nicely and ba da bing ba da boom it was in a sweet spot. So now I’m looking to get them to help me. They if I post a link to their site, for some reason they’d offer me a discount. So here’s me trusting them on what to do, you know since they are the professionals and all. And if you’re super keen you can check ’em out here on Facebook.

I found some cool nifty and trendy tools to use from Google called webmaster tools. I’m slowly trying out some of the features to have a go myself, but all in all, it seems really complicated. At these sort of points in time, I ask what would James Bond do? We’ll he’d probably be out killing dudes and banging hot chicks so I’m not really sure if this fall in his domain of expertise. As another side note if this topic of SEO doesn’t interest you one iota.

As another side note, if this topic of SEO doesn’t interest you one iota, you should develop a lifestyle like James Bond. That’s what I want to do. I watched a couple of his movies today, (lol that sounds like he is actually a real person when you say it like that) and they’re pretty good. The newest one Spectre was cool, the chick in it wasn’t as good looking as some of the other bond girls, but she was still pretty hot.

Okay, I’ll leave it at that for now, I might head down to my local Australian Government friendly retail store and check out some more Bond movies.

To finish I’ll leave you with the trailer for the latest one.

Getting fired up

Okay, things are getting fired up over here. Almost soon will this become a regular habit of coming on here and really throwing it down on the keyword on ASCII character at a time.

They’ll most likely be a slew of different topics that’ll come of this page, I like to think I’m a jack of all trades and have a little bit of knowledge in most places. And of course being a savant in a few.

Been reading the conclusion of a book called thinking fast thinking slow. It covers a few thing that the book Influence by Robert Cialdini covers, but on the topics that do overlap generally Mr. Khaneman goes into them into a little more detail.

The book is a long one, and it certainly isn’t for the feint of heart. It doesn’t hold anything back when it start delving into statistics so I hope you understand the fundamentals of maths. If not you better get your practice on now! 🙂

It can be a little bit dry at times depending on how well you can conceptualise complex theories. If you want an introduction of what the book is about, have a look at the authors talk on Google. Watch it while you eat lunch!

One passage I really enjoyed was finding out how a human can miss-weigh a decision, and unfortunately in all the different ways possible. For instance, there is the Narrative Fallacy where if a motive is wrapped up in a story it’s much easier to believe, even if it’s some old trite. So watch how people explain things to you. Or think about how to explain things to people. 😉

Overall I would highly recommend reading the book, it took me a while to polish it off (still got appendix B to go through). There are so many awesome things you can learn about human psychology and especially his famous prospecting theory.

Stay tuned for more, and thanks for reading! 🙂


Queue Majestic Entrace

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So we may not have as much style and poise as Zach Galifianakis (had to google the spelling of that) but by name to Poseidon’s trident were here!

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Okay, that’s it for now.